Ruth Harker Postcard Collection
Postcard correspondents
A Appleton - Probably Albert Appleton, born 1899, living at Dyke Heads, Gunnerside (1901)
M Alderson
Auntie - Ruth's aunt, M E Lambert, living in Carlisle
Bill Bailey
Joe Croft
Fred Dougill - Ruth Dougill's brother
Jack Dougill - Ruth Dougill's brother who set sail for Canada on 5th July 1907
Ruth (D) - Ruth Dougill
Gwendoline M Gray
A Hutchinson
Maggie & Dora
M Alice - Possibly M A Tiplady, born 1894, living at Thistlebout, Gunnerside (1901)
Margaret Ellen
M E Lambert - Ruth Harker's aunt in Carlisle
D Mason
A & A Metcalf
James - Possibly James Percival of Gunnerside, born 1893, living in Gunnerside (1901)
Jane - Probably Jane Appleton, born 1885, living at Dyke Heads, Gunnerside (1901)
Jerry or JM - Possible boyfriend of Ruth
Joe - Institute Terrace, Crook, Durham
J Willie & Mother
R Kendall - 2 Sussex St, Barnoldswick
Lily - 6 Auckland Terrace, Shildon
Anty Metcalfe - Nightingale St, Keighley
Polly - 24 Granville St, Harle Syke
Ruth - see Ruth Dougill
J Sagar
Alice Scott
C Swinbank
Dorothy Waggett - Possibly DW, born 1887, living at Post Office, Keld (1901)
Willie - Ruth Harker's brother born 1892 in Liverpool
E Wingrove