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Surname Period and Location Email
ALDERSON 1800s - Christopher ALDERSON Sharon Ames
    Margaret Brown
    Karen Stansfield
  To 1880 - Low Frith, West Stonesdale Rob Barnes
  1911 to 1930 - Charlie ALDERSON - Thwaite & Rash Rob Barnes
    Jean Hamm
ALLEN/ALLON Whitaside/Grinton Matthew Whalen
  Grinton, Ellerton Abbey & Reeth Sue Farmer
ALTON Pre 1800 Maureen Leadbeater
  Pre 1800 - Gunnerside George Buxton
  Muker Jean Hamm
APPLETON Any - Dyke Heads, Gunnerside Nicola Appleton
BAINBRIDGE Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
    Jean Hamm
BELL 1800 - 1846 - Matthew m. Mary LONSDALE Healaugh, Barn House, Smarber Hall Independant, Muker Parish Records Robin John Bell
BIRKBECK   Margaret Brown
BOUSFIELD Any - Muker & Grinton Margaret Johnson
BRODERICK Pre 1833 Don Waters
BUXTON Pre 1876 - Gunnerside Margaret Brown
  Any - Gunnerside George Buxton
  Pre 1851 Maureen Leadbeater
CALVERT Pre 1833 Don Waters
    Margaret Brown
  Pre 1750 - Satron George Buxton
  Keld, Thwaite, Muker Jean Hamm
CANTRILL 1700 - 1800 - Ralph CANTRILL & Elizabeth Harriet SHIELDS + descendants - Gunnerside & Muker Debbie Becker
  Pre 1790 Maureen Leadbeater
CARTER   Matthew Whalen
CAYGILL Pre 1850 - Swaledale & Wensleydale Richard Caygill
CHERRY 1640 onwards - Blades, Kearton, Low Row
& Feetham
Simon Kyte
  1790s - Keld - John CHERRY, Leonard CHERRY b. abt 1815 (Leadminers) Andrea O'Hara
  Any - of Low Row Jeff Unsworth
CLEMINSON Any - Gunnerside, Grinton and Reeth Pam
CLOSE Any - especially pre 1740 - Swaledale Linda Close
  Any - Muker and Grinton Margaret Johnson
  1800s - Reeth - Mary CLOSE Burnell
    Matthew Whalen
COATES 1800s - James m. Dorothy METCALFE Mary Lou McLaren
COATES 1800s - Grinton, Gunnerside, Crackpot, Whitaside Jane Simpson
COATES, Ann born April 26th 1807, possibly Gunnerside Faye Hastings
COATES / COATS 1700s - especially parents and siblings of Thomas COATES b. Grinton 1708 Gary Coates
1650 onwards - Wensleydale & Wharfedale Karen Ellwood
Any, especially pre 1670 - Potting, Muker, Grinton and Ivelet
John Cooper
COOPER, COUPER, COWPER 1720 & earlier - Pot-ing, Winterings, Ivelet, Muker & Gunnerside Peter Cooper
COTTINGHAM 1800s - parents and siblings of Miles Dixon COTTINGHAM, Muker Nancy Vance
COTTINGHAM 1700 - 1800 Joseph COTTINGHAM & Jane ALDERSON + Miles COTTINGHAM & Hannah CALVERT descendants- Gunnerside & Muker Debbie Becker
    Jean Hamm
CUMPSTON 1700 - 1800 - Gunnerside Glenys Marriott
COULTHARD Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
DAYKIN Any - Gunnerside Margaret Brown
    Cathy Connolley
    Phil Daykin
DENT Grinton, Elleton Abbey & Reeth Sue Farmer
DOLPHIN Any - Yorkshire James M Dolphin
FROST 1800s - Feetham Bill Frost
GALLOWAY Pre 1800 - Swaledale Ken Ambrose
GARTH Swaledale Barbara Stirton
GILL pre 1861 - Low Row particularly James & Mary GILL with Elizabeth John, James, Isaac and Thomas Monika Butler
GUY 1767 - Muker - Nancy GUY Burnell
HALL Pre 1800 - Reeth and Arkengarthdale Dodd Barnard
HARKER 1700+ - Spring End Miriam C Pearce
  Any - Swaledale Tony Owen
  Any - Swaledale Karen Stansfield
  Any - Muker / Thwaite Richard Harker
  Pre 1800 - Satron, Ivelet Heads, Oxnop Hall George Buxton
  Muker & Grinton Margaret Johnson
    Jean Hamm
HESLOP 1790 - 1881 Lead miners Ron Heslop
HIRD 1790s - John HIRD m. Hannah HARKER in Muker Jacqueline Twigg
  Pre mid 1860s - Muker - Joseph HIRD Richard Lynn Dixon
HUSS Pre 1900 - Gunnerside Nicholas Ellis
HUTCHINSON Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
JACKSON Pre 1850 - Feetham, Grinton,
Arkengarthdale, Swaledale
David Thomas
  Pre 1750 - Healaugh George Buxton
KEARTON Any - Muker & Thwaite Sharon Kearton
LIDDLE 1841 to 1881 - Healaugh Josie Thompson
MASON Pre 1800 - Muker, Thwaite, Arkengarthdale Mason Leigh
METCALFE 1800s - Dorothy m. James COATES Mary Lou McLaren
  Gunnerside/Fremington/Grinton/Swaledale - Any Christophers or James Matthew Whalen
  Pre 1800 - Satron, Ivelet Heads George Buxton
  1680 to 1900 - Keld, Grinton, Calverts House, Muker and Swaledale Julie Brutnell
MILLER Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
MILNER Any - Keld, Thwaite & Muker John Stubbs
  Any - Gunnerside, Muker & Rampsholme Chris Dickinson
  1646 - Muker - Contact with descendants of Edward MILNER m. Elizabeth METCALF Joan Myers
  Keld, Thwaite, Muker Jean Hamm
NATTRASS 1810 - John NATTRASS m. Nanny PEDLEY Matthew Whalen
ORTON Pre 1800 - Whitaside George Buxton
PEACOCK Any - Gunnerside Margaret Brown
  Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
PEDLEY Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
PEDLEY 1810 - Nanny PEDLEY m. John NATTRASS Matthew Whalen
PEDLEY / PEDELTY Any - Grinton and Gunnerside Margaret Johnson
PEEL The PEEL family at Gunnerside John Harrison
PERCIVAL   Margaret Brown
PLACE Pre 1786 - Francis PLACE m. Ann ROBINSON Eileen Wilson
PRATT 1860-70s - Family of John & Mary, Feetham Debbie Richardson
    Margaret Brown
  1700 -1800 - Healy,Thirn, Hunton, Newton-le-Willow and Crakehall Sheila Rigg
RAISBECK Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
Pre 1850 - Grinton, Reeth, Redmire, Fremington especially Phillip RYCROFT m. Ann Hutchinson at Grinton 1730 Alan Rucroft
RUKIN Any, especially pre 1850 -
Tan Hill, West Stonesdale, Keld
Chris Rukin
RUKIN Any - Muker & Keld Stevie


1660s - Castle Bolton, 1880s - Downholme Dodd Barnard
  1700 - 1800 - Downholme Sheila Rigg
RUTTER Pre 1820 J Rutter
  Pre 1780 - Gunnerside George Buxton
SAYER Marrick 1550s- 1650s
Reeth/Healaugh 1770s-1840s
Dave Moore
SCOTT   Matthew Whalen
SHERRINGTON 1760 onwards - particularly Humphrey. Places inc. Muker, Smithy Hill, Borwands, Askrigg Malcolm Wilson
SIMPSON Muker and Grinton Margaret Johnson
SPENCE 1760 onwards - Reeth Dodd Barnard
SPENSLEY 1780 - Gunnerside George Buxton
SUNTER Pre 1850 - Feetham, Grinton,
Arkengarthdale, Swaledale
David Thomas
  Any - Swaledale, Arkin'dale, & Wensleydale Richard McGarry


1861 to 1891 - Family of Thomas Whaley Tailor of Low Row Richard Greene
WAGGETT Ivelet, Muker, Grinton, Gunnerside, Pot Ing
Margaret Johnson
  Family and lead mining Richard Waggett
WATERS (WATTERS) Pre 1833 Don Waters
WENSLEY 1770 to 1880 - Pear, Gunnerside, Grinton, Feetham Emma Day
WHITE Pre 1870s - Shoregill Head, Gunnerside - John WHITE Richard Lynn Dixon
WHOLAH 1716 to 1762 - Oxnop and Ivelet Richard Greene
WILSON Any - Swaledale Jim Carter
WINN 1680 to 1917 - Thornton Steward, Askrigg, Aysgarth, West Burton, Nappa Hall Julie Brutnell
WISEMAN Any, especially pre 1800 - Swaledale & Arkengarthdale Dave Wiseman
WOODWARD Pre 1850 - Feetham, Grinton,
Arkengarthdale, Swaledale
David Thomas
  Pre 1833 Don Waters