Ruth Harker Postcard Collection - Undated Various 1
Postmark: Undated
Addressed to Miss R Harker, Gunnerside, Swaledale, Richmond, Yorkshire
Dear Friend
It will soon be Christmas now I hope you will have a merry one we are very busy now
making ready how is Janey never heard from her for a long while
from Margt Alice

Look what the sun's brought out ©Bamforth & Co No 1310
Addressed to Miss R Harker, Gunnerside, Swaledale, Richmond, Yorkshire
Dear Friend
received your PC with thanks
Please do you want them Post Cards to send away or for yourself
What do you think of this
Wishing you a Happy New Year
from Margt Alice

Undated - Keighley
Addressed to Miss Harker, Heugh Farm, Satronside, Gunnerside, Swaledale, Nr Richmond

We received the cheese alright & it is a very good one & we thank you very much will write later
Yours truly
A & A Metcalf

Mill Gill, Askrigg
Addressed to Miss R. Harker, Satronside Farm, Gunnerside, Richmond, Yorks
Dear R.
I was quite surprised to have a card from you as I did not expect one so soon. I was very sorry to hear of you cold as for the wetting, well thats nothing as you did not happen to be sugar. Annie is answering later on. I have not seen R since you went but hope to see her ? either to night or tomorrow

Lake Semmerwater, Hawes
Undated - Hawes
Addressed to Miss Harker, Satron Side, Nr Gunnerside, Richmond

have just come back from having a nice holiday do write and tell me all about your stir last friday as I have nothing to tell you
yours etc
Margaret Ellen
hoping you will have a merry Xmas and will have a bright new year
when you write tell me where R R is

Addressed to Mr Tom Harker, Gunnerside, Swaledale, Richmond, Yorkshire

Glad you arrived home safe, shall be very pleased to see you next week
friend Joe

©Rotary Photographic Services. Words ©Messrs Chas Sheard & Co
Because I Love You (2)

And in my vision comes the day
With light and gladness yet unborn;
I see the night clouds pass away
To herald in our meeting dawn;
I hear you plead in accents low
Asking forgiveness for the past;
And, just because I loved you so,
The golden hour has dawned at last!
Because I love you! because I love you!
My life knows no regret, e'en tho' we have not met;
True time shall prove you, no one above you,
I cannot forget because I love you.
Undated - Aysgarth
Addressed to Miss Ruth Harker, Satronside, Gunnerside, Richmond, Yorks

Received P.P.C. alright on Sunday.
Mind you stick to what they were doing,
C. Kilburn Dr Hime's motor chaffeaur [sic] was the one that was coming with me.

Aus Kloster Clarenthal
Addressed to Mr Harker, Farmer, Satron Side, Nr Gunnerside, Swaledale, Via Richmond, Yorks
2 Sussex St, Barnoldswick Surgeon dentist
Dear Mr Harker all being well I shall come to Muker on Tuesday if you would like to see me I shall be pleased for to see you yours most faithfully R Kendall

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