Mason family Calverts Houses

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Mason family Calverts Houses

Postby wifey » Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:39 pm

I'm trying to trace my maternal ancestors, particularly the Mason family I think some of them came from Gunnerside, Muker and Thwaite so I thought some of you might have some knowledge about the people I'm looking for.
I have in my family tree Margaret Peggy Mason born 1805 Calverts Houses I don't know anything about her parents though. She married Richard Guy and had a daughter Alice Guy born in 1830 at Rash and she married George Guy.
They had a daughter Phillis born in 1854 at Scarr House who was married twice once to Thomas Spensely Appleton (lead miner) born 1859 at Muker and died of an obstructed bowel in 1885. She moved at some point to Hargill Farm at Howden-le-Wear and after Thomas died she married Robert Hunter (born in 1853 Melbecks) in 1887 . She had two young children when she married Robert and then they had another six children.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any information regarding the Mason family, many thanks.
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Postby Brutnell » Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:34 pm

This is most interesting as I have Elizabeth GUY [ fathers name was probably Richard ] marrying William Metcalfe [ who lived in Calverts House ] 01/06/1740 and they have a son called Richard Metcalfe who owned the Mansion House of Calverts Houses. William also came from Calverts Houses and owned one eighth of Beldi [ or Beldy Hill ] Mine in Swaledale.

Do you think we might be linked ?


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Mason family Calverts Houses

Postby wifey » Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:16 am

Hello, I recently discovered that Richard Guy who married Margaret Mason was the youngest child of Richard Guy and Phillis Milner both born circa 1749
in Muker married 28 Feb 1778.
Their eldest child was George born 23 October 1778 Muker. There was a 20 year gap between the two brothers. George was married twice his first wife was Peggy (Margaret) Metcalfe born circa 1780 Muker (marriage 14th May 1801) their two children were Thomas born Usha Gap 6th April 1802 and Ellin born 1st July 1804.

George's second wife was Hannah Harker born circa 1776 Muker.
The Metcalfe name pops back up in my tree later on so they were living in the area for quite a while, George's grandson Thomas (born 20th December 1830 Scarr House) married Elizabeth Metcalfe (born Askrigg 1850) in 1878.
I think your Elizabeth is somehow related to our branch possibly a sister or cousin but it might be worth looking at the parish records held in Northallerton.
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Postby wifey » Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:02 pm

Margaret (Peggy) Mayson's parents were William Mayson and Mary Alderson. Have not found any more relations of William but did find Mary Alderson's parents who were Catherine Calvert and James Alderson. I'm still working on the Alderson line I'll post more about the family when I find anything.
Catherine Calvert's parents were Thomas Calvert and Margaret Metcalfe. Thomas Calvert's parents were Henery Calvert and Catherine Jackson, Margaret Metcalfe's parents were Alexander Metcalfe and Hannah Raw who had two other children that I have found records for so far, Robert born 1736 and Mary born 1740, they could have had other children since they were married in 1727.
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Re: Mason family Calverts Houses

Postby Malcolmbailey » Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:22 pm

I know that the earlier posts were some time ago but I have just discovered this web site following a visit to Gunnerside with my wife who was a Calvert. We had a long talk to the blacksmith himself a Calvert, but my wife is from the joiners not the blacksmith family. I have got records which indicate that my wife's forbears trace back through Thomas Calvert and Margaret Metcalfe who married in 1751 and lived in Muker. The Calvert line then goes back to Henry Calvert born in 1640 possibly in Muker for his son Thomas was born 1659 in Muker. Henry Calvert born 1692 married Catherine Jackson whose family goes back through her mother Jane Jackson nee Raper whose Great grandfather was Willie Raper born 1570 who married Alice Burnett. Margaret Metcalfe's mother was Hannah Raw whose father was Robert Raw born 1673 somewhere in North Yorkshire and her father Alexander born 1700, was the grandson of Henry Metcalfe born in 1650.
All this information has been gleaned from various sorces some of which might not be reliable.
My wifes great great grandfather was Matthew Calvert who married Elizabeth Reynoldson on May 3 1845 in Grinton and the couple having appeared in the 1851 census in Muker next apopear in 1851 in Burnley. I am trying to establish how they came to move some 65 miles at a time when moving house must have been quite a traumatic event. I presume it was because of the coming of the cotton mills and the transport of the railways. I have ordered a copy of the book "Those who left the Dales" which is eagerly awaited.
I would be delighted if any one can add, confirm or deny any of the infomation posted which I say is just an indication.
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