Old Farm Machinery near Muker

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Old Farm Machinery near Muker

Postby Ron » Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:42 pm


Is there any chance you can help me with my query? I'm interested to discover the purpose of this piece of farming machinery. It was seen just North of Muker on the West side of the river Swale.


It appears to have been horse drawn with an operator seated on it. The wheels suggest use on smoothly tilled land. Although I have an engineering background I cannot work out how the drive from the left hand wheel is tranlated into movement in the mechanism.


Perhaps you can forward this query to someone who will know the answer?


Ron Atkinson
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Postby PERCE » Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:32 pm

It's for turning the grass over after it's been cut to help it dry out into hay. The disk next to the wheel is rotated which in turn rotates the similar disk at the other, this means the 4 bars with spikes on rotivate the grass. Not a great explaination but hope it helps!
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