The Taylors of Blades and Low Row

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The Taylors of Blades and Low Row

Postby Dave Reynolds » Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:13 pm


My maternal Grandfather, James Lancelot Taylor, documented his family tree back in the early 1950s as far back as it could be traced (at least without indulging in supposition or conjecture). This was all done with the help of his brother Cornelius (Con) in the couple of years leading to James' death of tuberculosis.

It's a fairly thorough account beginning with Francis Taylor of Blades who married Mary Hannam back in 1788 - tracing the family through the point where the decline in demand for lead and lure of more secure mining employment elsewhere caused many to leave the dale - up to the 1950s.

Naturally the document also touches on some of the other families from the area - most prominently the Cherry family

More recently I've taken it upon myself to build upon this, retyping it faithfully, and adding detail of more recent generations. Given the benefits of the computer age however I hope to include more pictorial information to support the story. Then I intend to share the information among the remaining known branches

Does anyone have any old photographs of Blades or the Old Gang mines that they would be happy to give me permission to include given that this work will is not intended to be be published in any form?

If anyone has any information that you think might be useful to me relating to the Taylors I'd love to hear from you

If anyone would be interested to read read it, or you think it might relate to any reasearch you are doing, I'd be happy to share the document as it stands.

Cheers folks
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