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Postby cbrannigan » Fri Jan 28, 2005 2:28 pm

:?: My name is Caroline Brannigan and I am a journalist based in Richmond. I am writing a feature for the Sunday Times and wonder if anyone can help me? This follows on from the ban on outsiders buying new homes in the national park.
I am making the point in the feature that outsiders often have a rosy picture of what full-time living in the dales is like and that some people who move here have difficulty adjusting, especially if they are used to more convenience.
I wonder if there is anyone I could interview who has come to the area from outside who could talk about the minus as well as the plus side of living somewhere so beautiful?
I'd also like to find people (not local born) who have moved out of the national park, especially families who have gone to Richmond or Leyburn for the secondary schools.
Hope someone can help. Are there any other dales forums I could contact?
I am on 01748 821041
Many thanks.
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