Watch out in Swaledale

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Watch out in Swaledale

Postby wild » Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:01 pm

If you're lucky enough to be able to wander in the wild places of Swaledale keep your eyes open for any signs of cruelty to our birds of prey. The RSPB campaigns tirelessly on behalf of these magnificent creatures but the persecution goes on. The killing of hen harriers, our most persecuted bird of prey, is strongly linked to land managed for driven grouse shooting.

Watch out for any signs of
    dead animals cut open and staked out - these may be laced with poison
    Several dead birds or animals close together
    Creatures which appear to have died suddenly for no obvious reason
    Eggs in unusual places, possibly with an ink mark

If you're suspicious about any of the above please telephone the Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning of Wildlife on 0800 321600 to report suspected poisoning - calls are free. Do not touch suspected bait or dead casualties - warn others to keep away. Cover the evidence if you can, but don't disturb it. Make a note of location and details.
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