Swaledale Milners - family reunion

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Swaledale Milners - family reunion

Postby admin » Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:04 pm

A family reunion of Swaledale Milners took place on Saturday 6th June 2008 at Keld.

Everyone involved was a descendant of the Milner, Harker and Alton families of Swaledale and the event concentrated on the Keld/Milner aspects with reference to the whole Milner clan leaving for Weardale in 1870.

Therefore each person in the picture is a great grandchild of James Milner born at Hartlakes in 1844. His grandfather (also James Milner) had the lead mines still known to this day as Jammy Milner's Levels or Jammy Milner's Mines on Beldi Hill near Crackpot Hall, Keld.

Jammy Milner's mine
(Front) John Milner Stubbs, Margaret Trotter, Dorothy Bailey
(Rear) Anthea Tallentire, Isobel Milner
Photo and information courtesy of John Milner Stubbs
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