William Woodward - Yorkshire Gazette 1889

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William Woodward - Yorkshire Gazette 1889

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Fatal Accident At The Hurst Mines - On Tuesday afternoon a fatal accident befel William Woodward, miner, of Barfe End, Gunnerside, in Swaledale. He and another miner, named Thomas Calvert, of Healaugh, were working together changing the pump bucket at the Hurst lead mines, and when they had drawn the bucket near to the surface at the shaft head, Woodward remarked that it was heavy, and requested his companion to remove his handle into another gear so as to get a better hold. No sooner had Calvert taken his handle out of the gear than Woodward lost his grip, and the wheel revolving at a rapid pace the handle struck him on the head, splitting it open as far as the left eye. His brains were scattered about, and parts of his skull were picked up some twenty yards away.
On Thursday, Mr J. S. Walton, coroner, of Northallerton, held an inquest on the remains of William Woodward, who met with his death while working at the Hurst lead mines on Tuesday, and a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Yorkshire Gazette - 7th December 1889
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