Grouse-shooting and the future of hen harriers

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Grouse-shooting and the future of hen harriers

Postby wild » Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:51 pm

Interesting letter in The Guardian, January 17th 2015.

As long as grouse-shooting is permitted to take place, birds of prey and huge numbers of other wild animals will continue to be - legally and illegally - persecuted and killed. Environmentally damaging burning is carried out to encourage the growth of fresh heather, on which the grouse are fattened up for shooting. Roads are dug and car parks built for the visiting "guns" and, under the current government, wealthy moorland grouse-shoot owners are receiving even larger public subsidies than before. The grouse-shooting industry doesn't exist to protect the environment, aid certain species of birds or create jobs; its main function is to indulge a wealthy minority that enjoys killing birds for "sport".

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