Accommodation - places to stay in the Gunnerside area - updated January 2013
Bed & Breakfast    
Kearton Park End Country House  
Keld Butt House  
Low Oxnop Oxnop Hall  
Low Row Summer Lodge Farm  
Muker Bridge House  
  Chapel House  
  Swale Farm  
Reeth Ivy Cottage  
Tan Hill Tan Hill Inn  
Keld Hoggarths Campsite  
  Park House Campsite  
Low Row Low Whita Farm's Campsite  
Guest Houses    
Low Row Rowleth End Guest House  
Keld Keld Lodge  
Low Row Punch Bowl Inn  
Reeth Arkleside Hotel  
Thwaite Kearton Country Hotel  
Self Catering    
Gunnerside Christmas Cottage  
  Gunnerside Mill Holiday Cottage  
  Pretoria Cottage  
  The Garth  
High Oxnop High Oxnop Cottage  
Keld Bunk Barn & Yurts  
  Keld Holiday Cottages  
  Manse Holiday Cottage  
  Park House  
Low Oxnop Hilltop Lodge  
Low Row Bunk Barns  
  Bird's Nest Cottage  
  East Paradise Cottage  
  Sandpiper Cottage  
  Wardle House  
Muker The Rash  
  Harriet's Cottage  
Reeth Bellegreen  
Thwaite Thwaitedale Cottages  
  Thwaite Farm Cottages  
Youth Hostel    
  Grinton Lodge