Some Headstones and Inscriptions from Low Row United Reformed Church
Photographs by Lesley Close
First Name
Residence & other names
John BEARPARK of Low Row and Eleanor BEARPARK, his wife
Jane BOLLAND of Feetham, late of West Burton
Elizabeth BOYD and parents and brothers
John George BROWN  
Mary Ann BROWN of Whitaside, daughter of George and Nanny BROWN
Christopher CALVERT and family
George CALVERT of Laykin and Jane Ann, his wife
Simon CHERRY of A.D. House, Fremington and family
Hilda CLARKE and husband
James CLARKE of Thwaite and family
James COATES and family
William COATES of Crackpot and family
William COATES of Summer Lodge & Crackpot, and Betsy H., his wife
Rose Catherine HIRD John Edward HIRD
Isabella ROBINSON and son
Ruth ROBINSON of Low Row
Louisa Sarah ROWE and family
Francis TAYLOR of Low Row and family
Ralph ? of Low Row