Reference HO 107 1246/2

County of York, North Riding                          
Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of Gilling West
Parish of Grinton
Township of Melbeck (part of)
Superintendant Registrarsí District of Reeth
Registrarsí District of Muker
No of Enumeration District 6
Description: All that part of the Township of Melbecks comprising the Hamlets of Feetham and Kearton

Page 17 Folio 50
Place U I Names M F Occupation Yk SI
Kearton   1 Christopher HESLOP 37   Lead Miner Y  
      Mary HESLOP   40   Y  
      Ann HESLOP   16   Y  
      George HESLOP 11     Y  
      Elizabeth HESLOP   8   Y  
      Jane HESLOP   5   Y  
  1 James NEWTON 59   Meal Dealer Y  
      Isabella NEWTON   57   Y  
      Isabella NEWTON   19   Y  
      Adam NEWTON 16     Y  
      Elizabeth NEWTON   12   Y  
      Thomas NEWTON 28   Tobaconist Y  
  1 Thomas PEDLEY 45   Lead Miner Y  
      Sarah PEDLEY   34   Y  
      Elizabeth PEDLEY   2   Y  
  1 John SIMPSON 26   Lead Miner Y  
      Elizabeth SIMPSON   28   Y  
      Anthony SIMPSON 4     Y  
      James SIMPSON 11m     Y  
Ricketing   1 Dinah SPENCE   35 Lead Ore Dresser Y  
      John SPENCE 15   Lead Miner Y  
      Mary SPENCE   14   Y  
  1 Christopher SWINBANK 24   Lead Miner Y  
      Bridget SWINBANK   30   Y  
      Jane SWINBANK   2   Y  
Page 18 Folio 50
    Roseymond WHITE   11 Ind Y  
      Mary WHITE   7 Ind N  
End of HO 107 1246/2
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