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Leeds Mercury July 30 1888



Farmers attending Richmond Market on Saturday gave particulars regarding the floods in Swaledale. The damage to meadow land is serious, and a large portion of the land is still under water, and that which is not is covered with sand and refuse, rendering it useless. Messrs. Thompson, of Fremington Mill, have lost two-thirds of their meadow land. It is the property of Messrs. Littlefair of Gathorn Hall. The flood of five years ago cost them £600. When they were acquainted with the present flood they sent a representative into Swaledale who kindly promised to meet the tenants half way. Mr. William Cottingham, of Gunnerside, who sustained a loss of £500 at the great flood, has now lost £300, for not only the grass but the soil has been washed away. Mr. James Kendall, of Swale Hall, Grinton, has had 20 acres of meadow land rendered useless; and out of 40 acres of meadow land Mr. A. E. Knowles, of Gorton Lodge, Low-row, has only five acres of good meadow left. Many others have been serious losers, and the small farmers can ill afford to bear the loss. Many thousands of trout and other fish have been picked up on the land.


Leeds Mercury July 30 1888