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Fishing Gazette January 20 1883


Sir,—In you issue of December 16th 1882, I noticed a letter referring to the hush polluting the Swale and its tributaries. It is perfectly shameful to see the fine trout-fishing destroyed by this poisonous pollution. On one occasion I remember a dam bursting above Gunnerside lead mines, and bringing the hush down into the Swale in such large quantities that very few trout survived for miles below. I might add, to prove its disastrous effect, that one man gathered 140 lb. of dead trout from the stream the next day.

I also noticed in the same letter two slight mistakes, viz, Gunnerside and Arkingarthdale Becks, which appeared as Sunnerside and Ackle Becks. I merely point out these mistakes as a favour to your valuable paper, of which I am a great admirer. Being a native of Swaledale, I could not help noticing these corruptions.—I am, &c , R.G.
Jan. 15, 1883.

Fishing Gazette January 20 1883