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Northern Echo July 21 1874


On Sunday last, three boys named John Cherry, son of Matthew Cherry, aged 13, Francis Kendall, aged 15, and the youngest son of Mrs Buxton, aged 17, were drowned whilst bathing in the river Swale, near Gunnerside. The boys, after attending Sunday school in the morning, proceeded to the river to bathe. Cherry went into the water first, and getting out of his depth, Kendall, being a good swimmer, went to his rescue. The drowning boy clung to Kendall, who was not able to sustain him, and both began to sink. The third and oldest boy, Buxton, then sprang in to help his younger companions, but instead of saving their lives, he but shared their fate. Clinging with the convulsive grasp of the drowning, they so hampered his movements that he was unable to move, and in a few moments they all sank. It was about twenty minutes before their bodies were recovered by Mr George Calvert and Mr Tiplady, when life had long been extinct. Cherry and Buxton were removed to their own homes, but Kendall, whose home is at Reeth, was taken to Miss Reynoldson's, with whom he was staying. They are to be buried to-day.
Northern Echo July 21 1874