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In February 1862, Ralph Daykin, a Gunnerside clock and watch repairer wrote a four-page letter to his brother James and wife Elizabeth (nee Hugell) who were living in the USA. Ralph mentions the American Civil War and suggests that the two sides settle their differences.

Gunnerside is 'poverty Strucken' observes Ralph and he feels that no one will 'Get Rich at Gunnerside'.

An older brother, Joseph, was due to visit the family in Gunnerside but, due to the war and ill health, couldn't make it.

Ralph has stayed in Gunnerside to care for their mother Elizabeth (nee Thompson) who describes Ralph as her 'Staf to lean on in old age' and says 'she is almost Done in this World'. Both Ralph and his mother suffer from 'Reumatic pains'.

Paragraphs have been created to make the letter easier to read

Ralph Daykin 1862 Letter extract -  www.gunnerside.info
Gunnerside Feb 17th 1862

Dear Bro. & Sister

I Write once more to Say We are as Well as Can be expected at present. hoping you are the same. We Received A letter from you A few weeks since. and was very Glad to hear from you. Although we are Sorey that money is Bad to Get hold off. on account of the War Which is waging Betwixt the north and south its is my opinion and Belive, that the Countrey will Grow worse and worse with Waring on. I think it would be Better if you Could Get an agreement With each other and leave of fighting. try to Imetate England to Get of as much waring as posable. one thing I must say. that you must let us alone or elce We Shall Be apt to Wallap yeh, So if you Cannot Gree amongst your Selves. Be pleased to let other folks alone,

I Supose you want to Know all news. I might Send you A news paper Before this letter Starte. and it Will informe you about Some thing. that has happend near Newcastle.

I think we are about as much the Same at Gunnerside. poverty Strucken, its my Beleive that no person will every Get Rich at Gunnerside But always Be from Hand to mouth. I could like to Come into America But my Mother will not part with me yet. and I feel a Desire to see the end of her, if God Spares me

Brother Joseph Sent us A letter that he intended to pay us A Visit last fall. But after we Recieved A letter Saying he could not Come on acount of War. and not Been very well. we are Sorrey for it. I fulley expected him and had plucked A Good quantity of Junipers Berreys. and I have some yet But they are very Drie and Good for nothing. We hope By this time Bro. Joseph is well. With our kind love to him and Wife and all the Famley.

you made mention of A few friends you wanted to Know how they are Getting on. as for George Buxton perhaps you will be aware that he is Dead. he Died Some time on last Winter. the Cause of his Death Was a Bad leg Which Started of its Self. Some thing like A White sweeling. which it Got worse and worse till it Killed him. also for John Johnson Taylor he is Dead. he Died on the 1st of December 1861. Johnson went over into Wensleydale to preach 2 Sermons one at Gayle in the afternoon the other at Hawes in the Evening. he Was all Well and pertook of his meals hartily. While in Hawes pulpit and ingaged in prayer for the first time, he fell Down Backwards over and expired. he only Breathed once When the people Got to him. I have the Text and Substance of the Sermon Which he Was Going to Deliver. you will find the Text in Isaiah. 28 Chapter and 16 Verse.

George Johnson & Robert Johnson lives at Marsden about 60 miles from hear, Robert Lowes and family is well also old John Lowis is living yet. old Whitam is still alive he was at Gunnerside about 2 or 3 months since. making A valey of every thing at Blakewaite. Bradley has Given it up. Thomas Buxton and wife is well Thos Buxton is A Bucher and farmer, as for George Milner he is married for his 4th time. his Wife is one of Christoper Milner Daughters. they live at Kettlewell about 22 miles off. he is following mining. he is likely to have A Small famley his Wife is only young

Cloger Jim George Widow. Mary. Wishes to be Remembred to you She lives with Their folks has A Son who is A young man and A Wesleyan preacher. Thos Sunter sends his love to you. also Johnathon Shields Sends his kind Respects to you Both J. Shields is A Local preacher and has two Sons preachers. George Johnson is A preacher and Miles Cottingham Was A preacher but he is Dead and Buried only A few days since. We have A Good maney young men Starting preaching John Routh Wishes to be Remembred to you. their is very little Differance with him. he is just the Same man now, as he was fifteen years since. pondering amongst the proffices. if you have aney thing as pertaining to proffices send it to Him. my Brother John was over from Shildon to see us last Midsumer and he is Got very old like he has almost Done with working. Famley was all well.

William Storey and famley is Removed to Kettlewell they went there about a Month since Storey has one Son and 2 Daughters unmarried living with him at Home. We had John Wagget over from Manchester A Short time ago he looked very well told us his Daughter Betty Was Going to marrey. Robert Wagget lives at Manchester. Thomas Raw that Wed our peggy I Donet know Where he is. nor his offspring When you Recive this letter send A paper Showing you have got it.

A Word to your Wife. I see her Bro. John freequaintly he is married A second time he Croses my path every morning as he Goes to Work. he works at old Gang mines he is very healthly and Steady has hard to work for Small Wages. he sends his Best Respects to you all, and Elizth Buxton is well sends her kind love to you.

I Supose you Both have A Gold Watch. I was just thinking I wish I was Worth one. I Dow A little among Clocks and watches Sells and Repares also Works at Old Gang. Bunting Side. Mining is only Dull at present.

My Mother Says you are not to Truble about her She has A kind Son that Will never see her Want. as long as it lays in his power to suport her, let her say What she will she Cannot make him turn his Back on her and she says how Could I have Done Without him. Why I Should Been in my Grave long since he is my Staf to lean on in old age. tell them if I never see them again on Earth I hope to meet them in A Better land, to Wheather I am Going. and I expect soon to be their as I have almost Done in this World. if she Could write herself I have no Dispute But you would Get A whole Volum of Trubles. she is greatly subject to Reumatic pains I am Rather so in one neigh joint, it some times sweels to A Great Degree and then sattles again. also I am not as quick of Hearing as I should be. I am Rather affected in my Ears. I Cloud Give you many of Trubles of myself. But I forebeare as they are Common to man, But I thank God for the little Health I do injoy.

I allways have A Great Respect to you. more than to any other that pertains unto me. What for, Because you took care of me like A Father in my youthfull Days. and its unto you that I am indetted for my Sober Habbets. and it my hearts Desire that you may injoy Good health of Body. and prosperity in life. and when Death to comes. that we Both may meet again in heaven. Bro. you Can write anytime when you feel Disposed to Dow so. as I Can Read Better than write. as I have very little learing for writing, as you will see for your self But I Can Read you letters like old Balads. write away

if you Want to Write to Whitam you might address him as thus Mr Wm Whitam, Inginereman, Sheffild Old England, my old Comerade James Close, Cloger Jim Son, Wishes to be Rememberd to you, also Edward Milner, John Fawcett, James Newton, old Richard Milner, Anty Milner, John Routh. these are all my sitting men. Well Bro. & Sister I would advise you to Give your Children A Good Education. we have 2 Good Day Schools and 2 first Rate Masters. the one is A Wesleyan Day school. the other A Church Day School, Children has A chance to Get A Good Training now at Gunnerside,

I Shall be Wating for your Histrey. and I hope the War Will Terminate so as you Can Get Hold of more money instead of property. But War has not Done yet, and I fulley expect it never will, Because the Lord shall have the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for His possession, then Waring will be Done. the Human famley will be happy. the Wolf and the Lamb shall feed together. and the lion shall eat straw like the Bullock. and Dust shall be the Serpents meat. they shall not Hunt nor Distroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord, let us join in the prayer never more needed, that Heaven may teach our Senators Wisdom and Give the people patience, and may we ever pray that God Will Hasten the Coming power and Glorey of Jerusalem Wherein A truly reformed and pure spirit of Christ may speedily reign,

I Should be Glad if you Would Send one or 2 news papers now and then. We have had A fine open Winter thus far. be pleased to pardon my Bad writing and Bad spelling. So I must Clonclude for the present by Remaing your affectionate Bro. and Mother,
Ralph Daykin
Elizth Daykin
Old England

Ralph Daykin 1862 Letter extract -  www.gunnerside.info
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