Gunnerside and Upper Swaledale
Metcalfe, Thomas of Satron
This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Metcalfe of Satron in the Township of Muker parish of Grinton and North Riding of the County of York Farmer made the sixth day of September in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy two

I hereby appoint my Brother John Metcalfe of Satron and Thomas Metcalfe of Spring End near Satron the Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I give to my said Executors the Dwelling House at Satron in which I now reside with the stable beasthouse and all and Sundry the appurtenances thereunto belonging and the two parcels of land known by the title of "Whast Garths" [?] situate near Satron and the pasture or allotment situate in Satron Side with all the appurtenances and privileges belonging to the said parcels of land and pasture

And all my household furniture goods and Chattels my Farming Stock and Hay and all my money and all property whatsoever and of whatever kind which may or ought to have belonged to me at the time of my death In Trust nevertheless for the following purposes that is to say

I desire my Executors to pay all my just and lawful debts my funeral expenses and the proving of this my last will and Testament out of my Estate and within twelve months after my death they shall pay to my present Housekeeper Mary Orton [?] the sum of Thirty pounds (£30) out of my Estate to herself for her sole use and benefit And all the remainder of my property Money Goods Chattels of every kind

I give to my Brother John Metcalfe of Satron aforesaid to use and dispose of as he may find it necessary with this proviso that should he die leaving no lawful begotten children then all that remains of my property money or estate shall be divided between my two Nephews Richard Trotter of Newbigging and Simon Fothergill of Carperby all in Wensleydale and my Niece Jane Dunn wife of Thomas Dunn of Dykeheads near Gunnerside in Swaledale

my said Niece to have two thirds more of said property or Money than my said two Nephews Richard Trotter and Simon Fothergill and should any of the said Nephews or my said Niece die before the division of my money or property that may be left at the time of the death of my said Brother John Metcalfe and he have no lawful begotten children then living whatever is left of my Estate the share of any of the persons herein named so dying shall be equally divided among the Children of such parent or parents so dying share and share alike

And this I declare to be my last Will and Testament revoking all former or other Wills In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first above written in the presence of the two subscribing witnesses

Thomas Metcalfe

We the undersigned have attested the execution of the foregoing written by Thomas Metcalfe by him signing the same in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other all being present together and signing at one and the same time have hereunto subscribed the same as Witnesses this sixth day of September in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy two

James Smithson Farmer Satron
John Boyer Minister Low Row

Proved in Her Majestys Court of Probate The District Registry at York on the twenty ninth day of December One thousand eight hundred and seventy three by John Metcalfe the Brother of the said deceased and Thomas Metcalfe the Executors named in the said Will

Effects sworn under £100
Testator died on the 27th day of July 1873