British Railways
Swaledale Excursions
By Rail and Percival's Coaches (from 3rd July to 8th September 1957)

British Railways


By Rail and Percival's Coaches

every Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday
from 3rd July to 8th September 1957

Here is a splendid opportunity to see the lovely Yorkshire Dales country - a half-day outing by rail and 'bus, at a very reasonable cost. Travelling by train to Richmond, passengers proceed by 'bus along picturesque Swaledale. The road follows the Swale quite closely. En route are Marrick Priory, the grey stone-built town of Reeth with its old-fashioned "green" and the villages of Low Row, Gunnerside and Muker, also to Keld on Sundays only. The high fells tower on either side of the dale, with the long stone boundary walls and isolated farms and cottages characteristic of the "Dales".

Time is allowed for a break at Muker on Wednesdays and Keld on Sundays before the return journey, or if desired, passengers may cut the journey short to spend a longer time at intermediate points.

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