Sarah Whitfield Bible
Sarah Whitfield bible front cover

Lord Wharton's charity presented bibles to children for their personal use. As a condition, the recipient had to be able to read and recite certain Psalms from memory (see below).

Sarah Whitfield, born September 19th 1847, was presented with a Lord Wharton Bible inscribed

Presented to
Sarah Whitfield

Aged Eleven Years
Turnip House
Low Row

Oct 20th

Distributed by
The Rev John Boyd
Minister of Lord Wharton's
Low Row

(A Free Gift)
Lord Wharton having directed that the Name and Age of the Children, to whom the Bibles are given, shall be wrote in the Book, the Trustees require it to be so done; and the Child, before it shall receive, or be entitled to receive, the Book, shall be taught to read, and be able to say, by heart, the Catechism, and some of the Prayers herewith sent, according to the Establishment of the Church of England, as well as the 1st, 15th, 25th, 37th, 101st, 113th, and 145th Psalms.

Sarah Whitfield bible inscription page

Whitfield, Spensley and Thwaite births and deaths were faithfully recorded on the inner rear covers of Sarah's bible.
Sarah Whitfield bible rear page

Sarah Whitfield bible rear cover

William Whitfield, Son, of Thomas and Margaret Whitfield Born June 13th 1843
Hannah Whitfield Born April 12th 1845
Sarah Whitfield Born Sept 19th 1847
Alice Whitfield Born October 21st 1849
Mary Whitfield Born May 22nd 1852
Died February 22nd 1853
Elizabeth Whitfield Born Sept 3rd 1856
Alice Whitfield died Jan 30th 1870
Thomas Whitfield died Dec 31st 1870
These Registers are at Low Row Methodist Chapel
John Spensley and Hannah Clarkson Married March 1st 1813
James Spensley Born June 8th 1814
Elizabeth Spensley Born Sept 22nd 1815
Alice Spensley Born Nov 14th 1817
Margaret Spensley Born Oct 26th 1819
John Spensley Born July 22nd 1821
These Registers are at Low Row Methodist Chapel
John Spensley Departed this life June 18th 1822
Hannah Thwaites Departed this life January 19th 1863

Sarah's father, Thomas Whitfield, a miner of Robin Gate, left a will (see Archives/Wills) which mentions that she married a J.W. Wallis.

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