Methodism in Swaledale
by John Ward (1865)

Methodism in Swaledale page 2


"METHODISM abounds in materials for many such histories, and it is well for careful and loving hands to gather it up while there is opportunity." So says one of the Wesleyan Periodicals in recently reviewing a local history of Methodism.

Acting upon a similar conviction the writer of the following pages has attempted to produce a record of the rise and progress of Methodism in this Circuit. He has laboured under the disadvantage of being a comparative stranger on the ground, and doubly so in finding so few living who have any personal recollections of Methodism in former times in these two dales. Finding, however, that there were materials scattered about and likely soon to perish, he has undertaken the task of putting them together in the form herewith presented: with what success it will be for the reader to judge. Allowance must be made

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for imperfections on the ground of having been collected and written at broken intervals, and amidst the numerous engagements belonging to the office of a Wesleyan Minister.

If a blessing should descend upon any one whilst perusing these pages, - if precious memories should be awakened of the pious dead by anything therein contained, - and if an increased interest in the cause of Christ and the welfare of Methodism should be created, the author will rejoice, and give God all the praise.

Reeth, February, 1865.