Swaledale Agricultural Society
32nd Grand Annual Show at Muker
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List of Entries
Poultry, Utility Classes, Open

If no more than 3 entries in each Class, the Class wil be cancelled

117—Heavy Breed, Cock or Cockerel


1 Colin Campbell/ 2 Mrs R Buckle

750 Jno Buxton, Spring End
751 Jas Waggett, Butt house
752 Mrs R Buckle, Sandbeck
753 Thos Gill, Low Row
754 Colin Campbell, Haxby
755 R Allen, Burtersett
118—Light Breed, Cock or Cockerel  
1 W R Routh/ 2 Miss M Robinson/  'C' Colin Campbell 756 Miss M Milner, Gunnerside
757 Miss M Robinson, Low Row
758 Colin Campbell, Haxby
759 Tom Calvert, Burtersett
760 N Iveson, Hawes
761 W R Routh, Bainbridge
762 ditto
119—White Wyandotte, Hen or Pullet  
1 Jno Buxton/ 2 T T Fawcett/ 3 Mrs Hodgson/ 'C' Jno Sunter

763 Jas Moreland, Simonstone
764 Jno Buxton, Spring End
765 Jas Waggett, Butt house
766 Mrs Hodgson, Richmond
767 Thos Gill, Low Row
768 ditto
769 Jno Sunter, Simonstone
770 T T Fawcett, Hawes

120—White Leghorn, Hen or Pullet  
1 T T Fawcett/ 2 Colin Campbell 771 Colin Campbell, Haxby
772 T T Fawcett, Hawes
121—Any other variety Heavy Breed, Hen or Pullet  
1 Colin Campbell/ 2 Miss Payne/ 3 Jno Sharples 773 Miss Payne, Gallway, Bedale
774 Jno Buxton, Spring End
775 W Alderson, Reeth
776 Mrs R Buckle, Sandbeck
777 Miss M Robinson, Low Row
778 H Lawson, Newton-le-Willows
779 Colin Campbell, Haxby
780 Jno Sharples, Simonstone
781 W R Routh, Bainbridge
122—Any other variety Light Breed, Hen or Pullet  
1 W R Routh/ 2 Miss M Robinson 782 Thos Gill, Low Row
783 Miss M Robinson, Low Row
784 ditto
785 Colin Campbell, Haxby
786 Tom Calvert, Burtersett
787 N Iveson, Hawes
788 W R Routh, Bainbridge
123—Special Prize of 5/-, given by W. J. Hewitt, Burnestone for Best Rhode Island, Cock or Hen, any variety  
1 Jno Buxton 789 H & E Dalby, Pickhill
790 H Waterworth, Yeadon
791 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood
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