Swaledale Agricultural Society
32nd Grand Annual Show at Muker
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List of Entries
Poultry, District
Prem. £ s. d.

100—Special Prize given by Capt. F. H. Lyell, for the Best Cock, any variety

10 0
  Second by the Society 5 0

1 & 2 Jno Buxton

707 Jno Buxton, Spring End
708 Jno Buxton, Spring End
101—Special Prize given by Capt. F. H. Lyell, for the Best Hen, any variety 10 0
  Second (by Society) 5 0
1 & 2 Jno Buxton 709 Jno Buxton, Spring End
710 Jno Buxton, Spring End
1st and 2nd prizes of 7/- and 3/- will be given in each of the following Classes, and 1/- added if more than 8 entries. All Poultry to compete in one class only.
If not more than 3 Entries in any of the District Poultry Classes, the Class will be cancelled, and the Entry placed in the Any Variety Class.
102—Wyandotte Cock, any variety  
1 & 2 Jno Buxton

711 Jno Buxton, Spring End
712 Jno Buxton, Spring End
713 Jno Buxton, Spring End
714 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood

103—Wyandotte Hen, any variety  
1 & 2 Jno Buxton 715 Jno Buxton, Spring End
716 Jno Buxton, Spring End
717 Jno Buxton, Spring End
104—Minorca or Leghorn Cock, any variety  
  718 Jno Buxton

- Cancelled -
105—Minorca or Leghorn Hen, any variety  
1 R Scott/ 2 Jno Buxton 719 Jno Buxton, Spring End
720 R Scott, West Stonesdale
721 ditto
722 ditto
723 Miss M Robinson, Low Row
724 J Alderson, Satronside
725 ditto
106—Sussex Cock, any variety  
1 Jno Buxton 726 D Calvert, Gunnerside
727 Jno Buxton, Spring End
107—Sussex Hen, any variety  
1 D Calvert/ 2 J R Fawcett 728 D Calvert, Gunnerside
729 Jno Buxton, Gunnerside
730 G Alderson, Kisdon
731 R J Guy, Hill Top
732 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood
108—Cock, any other variety  
1 & 2 Jno Buxton 733 Jno Buxton, Spring End
734 Jno Buxton, Spring End
109—Hen, any other variety  
2 Jno Buxton ? 735 Jno Buxton  
110—Special Prize of 5/- given by T. T. Fawcett, Esq., for best Hen for laying purposes  
1 Jno Buxton/ 2 J R Fawcett 736 Jno Buxton, Spring End
737 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood
111—Ancona Cock  
1 T Parrington/ 2 Jno Rukin 738 T Parrington, Bridge End
739 Jno Rukin, Keld
740 T Gill, Low Row
112—Ancona Hen  
1 Jno Rukin/ 2 T Parrington 741 Miss M Milner, Gunnerside
742 T Parrington, Bridge End
743 ditto
744 Jno Rukin, Keld
745 Thos Gill, Low Row
H. W. Williams, Esq., India, will give 5/- as a Special Prize for the Best Ancona in the District Class
1 738 Thos Parrington, Bridge End
113—Rhode Island Cock, any variety  
2 J R Fawcett ? 746 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood  

114— Rhode Island Hen, any variety

1 E R Fawcett/ 2 Master R Spensley 747 Master R Spensley, Whitaside
748 E R Fawcett, Muker
749 J R Fawcett, Thirnswood
115—Drake, any variety  
116 Duck, any variety  
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