Swaledale Agricultural Society
32nd Grand Annual Show at Muker
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List of Entries
Horses (Open)
Prem. £ s. d.
28—Horse or Mare, not exceeding 14.5 h.h. ridden before the Judges 1 10 0
  Second 15 0
  Third 7 6
1 R G Spensley/ 2 Jno Cooper/ 3 E O Hillary

134 Jno Fawcett, Marske
135 J A Nelson, Mallerstang
136 Jno Cooper, Thwaite
137 Jas Alderson, Stone house
138 J Akrigg, Ravenstonedale
139 R G Spensley, Whitaside
140 Geo Coates, Harkerside
141 R Close, Hazelgill, Bowes
142 E O Hillary, Butterknowle
143 W Peacock, Scarr house
144 J B Metcalfe, Darlington
145 R Mudd, Quebec

29—Horse or Mare to exceed 14.5 h.h. to be ridden before the Judges 1 10 0
  Second 15 0
  Third 7 6
1 Jno Fawcett/ 2 R C Whitehead/ 3 R Rutter 146 F J Mallaby, Bishopdale
147 Geo Alderson, Park hall
148 Jas Gill, Low Row
149 R Rutter, Dyke heads
150 Jno Fawcett, Marske
151 R C Whitehead, Ravenseat
152 Mrs A Heseltine, Rampsholme
153 ditto
154 Jos Raine, Dufton
30—Best and Neatest Single-horse Turnout, Trap, Harness Rugs, &c., horses not to compete in Prem. 29 and 30 1 10 0
  Second 15 0
  Third 7 6
1 E O Hillary/ 2 R G Spensley/ 3 R Mudd/ 4 Geo Coates 155 R G Spensley, Whitaside
156 R Rutter, Dyke heads
157 Jno Fawcett, Marske
158 Geo Coates, Harkerside
159 E O Hillary, Butterknowle
160 J B Metcalfe, Darlington
161 E Allen, Gayle
162 Jos Moore, Hawes
163 R Mudd, Quebec
164 Jos Raine, Dufton

31—Mr. T. Metcalfe and Mr. Jno. Clarkson will give a Special Prize value £1 for the Best Dales-bred Galloway, to show neither hackney nor Clydesdale blood, and not to exceed 14-1 h.h.

1  0 0
  Second by Society 10 0
  Third 5 0
1 R Mudd/ 2 Jno Cooper/ 3 E O Hillary 165 J F Hesletine, Calverts house
166 Jas Calvert, Gunnerside
167 Jno Fawcett, Marske
168 G W Harker, Ravenspark
169 Jno Cooper, Thwaite
170 J Akrigg, Ravenstonedale
171 Thos Alderson, Skeugh head
172 R Close, Bowes
173 E O Hillary, Butterknowle
174 W Peacock, Scarr house
175 J B Metcalfe, Darlington
176 R Mudd, Quebec
32—Special Prize for a Galloping Potatoe Race, given by Mr. J. Clarkson, Crook, and other friends in Swaledale (open)  
  First Silver Cup, value 1  5 0
  Second by Society 10 0
1 R J Guy, Hill Top (not listed in programme) 177 J A Nelson, Mallerstang
178 Waller Brown, Barf, Low Row
——R J Guy, Hill Top [Not listed in programme]

Rules. The Race to be run in heats; all horses to start off scratch. 3 potatoes will be provided for each competitor, and placed upon a post in the ring. The said competitor will be required to take one off the post each time round, and place it in a bucket in a certain part of the ring, arrnged by the Stewards, and unless all potatoes are placed in the bucket the competitor will be disqualified. At the commencement the competitor will be required, before he takes the first potatoe off the post, to take off his jacket at the post, and hang it on a crook provided, and at the last time around he must put on his jacket (both times on horseback) Any person aiding or helping any competitor in any way whatever, the said competitor will be disqualified. Entries to be taken till time of event.
33—Musical Ride, (Open). 1st, £1 and Gold Medal, given by T. P. Waters, Esq., St. Helens

6 entries or the First Prize withheld
  Second 10 0
  Third 5 0
1 J A Nelson/ 2 Jno Scott, Muker (not listed in programme)/ 3 Jno Metcalfe (not listed in programme) 179 J A Nelson, Mallerstang
—— Jno Scott, Muker [Not listed in programme]
—— Jno Metcalfe [Not listed in programme]

Competitors canter on horseback round the ring until the music ceases, when each must endeavour to get into a stall, of which there will be one less provided than the number of riders, the one failing to be counted out. The one securing the last stall wins the prize. Entries till time of event.
34—One Mile Trotting Handicap (open) 5  0 0
  Second 3  0 0
  Third 2  0 0
1 Thos Reynoldson/ 2 T W Brown/ 3 J L Maister 180 H Mason, Hawes
181 T W Brown, Harkerside
182 ditto
183 Jno Scott, Muker
184 J Raine, Dufton
185 Thos Reynoldson, Barden
186 ditto
187 J L Maister, High Shaw
188 ditto
35—Winners' Parade—To the Best of all Winners on the ground, age considered, given by the Society 10 0
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize Winners to Parade, or their Prize Money witheld.
R G Spensley, Drovers House    
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