Joseph Harker Bible
Joseph Harker 1863-1960  Image ©Marjorie Holsman 2004
Joseph Harker (left) was born in Gunnerside in 1863 and died in 1960. He married Margaret Ann Hutchinson in 1889 and they had ten children.

His brother, Thomas, born about 1857, was the father of Ruth Harker, whose collection of postcards appears elsewhere in the archives.

Joseph was a descendant of William Harker of Scar House, Muker, born about 1748 and Hannah Calvert of Scar House, Thwaite, born about 1752. They married on January 3rd 1773.

Joseph was presented with a bible inscribed (right)

'A Reward of the Gunnerside Sunday School to Joseph Harker, August 16th 1874'

in which the family's births and deaths were faithfully recorded on the inner covers.

Joseph Harker Bible,  Inside R/H Page Image ©Marjorie Holsman 2004
Joseph Harker Bible, Inside L/H Page  Image ©Marjorie Holsman Joseph Harker born June 20th 1863
Died October 1st 1960
Margaret Ann Harker born October 17th 1865
Died Dec 3rd 1938
Joseph Harker born October 3rd 1890
Died March 9th 1891 aged 22 weeks
Thomas Harker born March 15th 1892
Died 7th November 1976
Jane Ann Harker born Sep 22nd 1893
Died Jan 12th 1965
Miles Hutchinson Harker born Feb 28th 1895
Died Dec 29 1988
James Harker born April 26th 1896
Born again May 1911 amen
Ruth Harker born December 2nd 1897
Died Feb 2nd 1975
Edith Harker born March 17th 1899
Florie Harker born March 1st 1901
Died Dec 3rd 1982
Joseph Harker born May 12th 1902
Died April 2nd 1904
William Harker born February 22nd 1904
Died November 20th 1904

John Harker of Barfend
Joseph Harker Bible,  Rear R/H Page Image ©Marjorie Holsman 2004
died May 13th 1834 Aged 52 years
Also Elizabeth Harker of
Barfend died January 29 1847
Elizabeth Harker of Calvert
House died March 26 / 1864
Aged 76 years
Ruth Harker of Pear House
died February 19th 1871 Aged 45 years
Nanny Harker Died Sep 25 1876
Aged 64 years
John Harker Died June 3rd 1883
Aged 66 years
Joseph Harker Born June 20th 1863

Joseph Harker Bible,  Rear L/H Page  Image ©Marjorie Holsman 2004 Ruth Harker Pier House Died
on February 19th 1871 Aged 45 years
Elizabeth Rutter Burnley Died
on October 29th 1892 Aged 45 years
William Harker Heugh Died on
March 24th 1893 Aged 39 years
Thomas Harker Heugh Died on
June 27th 1893 Aged 68 years
Ruth Hutchinson Satron Died on
February 12th 1895 Aged 28 years
Ralph Harker Heugh Died on
................. Aged 38 years

Another photograph of Joseph Harker (seated) with a pair of unfortunate rabbits. The gun owner is believed to be Thomas Axby Dougill.

Joseph  Harker & Thomas Axby Dougill Image ©Marjorie Holsman 2004
Photographs and Harker family bible details reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Holsman & John Bowman. More Harker photographs can be found on John Bowmans website
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