Ruth Harker Postcard Collection
Ruth Harker's Family
Ruth was born at Sedbergh in 1886 and later her family moved to Liverpool where Thomas junior and William were born. At the time of the 1901 Census the Harkers were living at Heugh Farm on Satron Side, south of Ivelet. In October 1908 they moved to Paynes Farm, near Nazeing, in Essex and later to Woodgreen Farm, near Cheshunt, in Herts.
Thomas (1857) born in Melbecks. His father, Thomas (born c1825 at Barff End) was farming at Heugh in 1891
Elizabeth (1865) born in Hawes
    Ruth, William, John Ralph, Sydney & Anthony Harker ©Gordon Harker
Ruth (1886) born in Sedbergh
Thomas M (1889) born in Liverpool
William (1892) born in Liverpool
Elizabeth Ann (1894 - 1905) Muker
Anthony (1896) Muker Anthony, John Ralph & Sydney Harker ©Gordon Harker
Sydney (1898) Muker
John Ralph (1900) Muker