Gunnerside Wesleyan Chapel
Baptisms 1828 - 1830
Name Parents Abode Trade

Jan 13 Robert son of John & Marey RAW Feetham Holm Miner
Jan 22 Robert son of William & Alis JOHNSON Gunnerside Taylor
Feb 20 John son of Anthony & Elizabeth MILNER Hightes Miner
Feb 24 William son of James & Sarah PRATT Dike Heades Miner
Apr 17 Hannah dau of Christopher & Jane STONES Lodge Green Miner
Apr 25 Marey dau of William & Naney HUGILL Lodge Green Miner
May 13 Rosomond dau of Gorge & Naney KIRTON Gunnerside Miner
Aug 3
May 17
Leonard son of Chrisr. & Sarah SUNTER Gunnerside Butcher
Sep 13
Mar 10
Nancey dau of John & Ruth WOODWARD Hightes Miner
Sep 14
Jul 14
Elizabeth dau of William & Betty CLEMINSON Mount Pleasant Miner
Oct 8 Timothy son of Timothy & Paggey HUNTE Dike heades Miner
Oct 15 Edward son of Ralph & Naney MILNER Lodgreen Miner
Oct 24 Richard son of John & Ruth FAWCEET Lodge Green Miner
Nov 23
Aug 1
Mary dau of John & Alice HUGILL Durtyplace Miner
Nov 23
Nov 6
Ralph son of John & Elizh. HARKER Barfend Miner
Nov 28 Fran Elizabeth dau of William & Faney STOREY Lodgreen Miner
Jan 12 Gorge son of John & Jane MILNER Lodge Green Joiner
Jan 13 Marey dau of Francies & Marey EILES Lodge Green Minor
Jan 25 Rosamand dau of Ralph & Ann WAGGET Lodgreen Minor
Feb 3 William son of William & Deborah BELL Gunnerside Miner
Feb 7 Jane dau of James & Pagey THOMPSON Lodge Green Miner
Feb 12 Elizabeth dau of John & Marey THOMPSON Lodgreen Miner
Feb 14 Margret dau of Ralph & Marey WAGGET Dikeheads Miner
Feb 15
Jan 26
Ann dau of Medcalf & Ann BELL Gunnerside Miner
Feb 1 Elizabath Harriat dau of Hannah & Wm. SHIELDS Lodgreen Serveant

[The following two entries are written on a separate piece of paper attached (probably in error) to this place in the record.]

Mary Ann the daughter of Christopher & Sarah SUNTER Born the 24th February 1832 Baptized July 29th Parish of Grinton Township of Melbecks B....... Thos. Short

Thos. Son of James and Margt. THOMPSON of Gunnerside Parish of Melbecks County of York born August 4 1832 & baptized Aug 13 1832 (Miner) by me John Raby

Apr 19 Edward son of John & Elizabeth BUXTON Dikeheads Miner
May 10
Aug 4 1828
Wiliam son of Ralph & Mary WAGGOTT Heights near to Gunnerside Miner
May 31 Marey dau of Gorge & Bellah CALVERT Gunnerside Miner
Aug 30
Isiah son of James & Elizabeth CLEMINSON Wintrings Miner
Oct 11 Alis dau of Gorge & Elizabeth CALVERT Lodgreen Miner
Oct 19 Elizabeth Hugill dau of Isabalah CLOCE Gunnerside Servant
Nov 5 Hannah dau of James & Alis CHAPMAN Lodgreen Shou Maker
Nov 15 Rosomond dau of Gorge & Bridget WHITE Lodgreen Miner
Dec 25 Marey dau of Timothy & Pagey HUNTE Dikeheads Miner
Jan 13 Ailis dau of John & Elizabeth PARKER Gunnerside Miner
Jan 13 Diney dau of James & Jane STOREY Lodgreen Miner
Feb 1 Simon dau of William & Marey BELL Lodgreen Miner
Feb 5 James son of John & Marey RAW Gunnerside Miner
Feb 26 William son of Charls & Elizabeth BRIDBUREY Lodg green Miner
Mar 27 Thomas [Close?] son of John & Hannah BELL Gunnerside Miner
Apr 10 John son of Joseph & Ann DAYKIN Lodg Green Miner
Jun 16 Ann dau of Garge & Margret PRATT Gunnerside Miner
July 11 Marey dau of Thomas & Ann PRATT Gunnerside Miner
Aug 8 Ruth dau of John & Ailes HUGILL Lodgreen Miner
Sep 23 Ralph son of Anthoney & Elizabeth MILNER Lodgreen Miner
Oct 30 Elizabeth dau of John & Naney DAYKIN Gunnerside Miner
Nov 15 William son of Thomas & Elizabeth LOCKEY Lodgreen Miner
Dec 13 Gorge son of Anthoney & Elizabeth HARKER Lodgreen Miner
Dec 24 James son of James & Marey CLOSE Gunnerside Miner
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